Spending to much time worrying?

Constantly putting yourself down?

Over thinking everything?

Hypnotherapy is the single most powerful psychotherapeutic tool for breaking the negative trance states in our mind. These common and often difficult problems may lead to other symptoms, panic attacks, depression, frustration and obsessive behavioural patterns. Sometimes they can cause physical difficulties including Irritable Bowel Syndrome, dermatitis, and muscular tension.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy offers a gentle approach to solving the problem. It focuses on the positive aspects of your life and stays away from fixating on the negative. During the deeply relaxing sessions you develop the ability to control the anxiety. avoid the panic attacks and feel comfortable in all situations. When you feel confident, calm and relaxed, and this will happen over time, the therapy will have achieved its goal, and you will have a new positive outlook.

“Up to a 3rd of the population suffer from chronic anxiety at some point in their lives”

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