Flying, Dogs, Heights, Wasps or the Dark……Do any of these make your stomach turn? Or maybe its something else?

For most phobias (excluding those with a more complex nature) can be relieved within 3 weekly sessions:

1. Testing

A relaxing session of hypnosis. This familiarisation of the process encourages the trance state and aids its efficiency.

2. Rewind

In a safe and controlled hypnotic state, the memory of the traumatic event is explored. This process de-sensitises the event and vastly reduces the inappropriate response.

3. Reframe

This is when we introduce a new and appropriate response pattern. We are going to introduce a new calm and controlled frame of reference. This session should be as close as possible to the point where the phobia will be tested, for example if your fear is of flying then, this session would be conducted close to the date of the flight.

“Phobias are a learnt behaviour from a bad experience, the good news is that we can unlearn phobias and change your mindset”

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