Hypnobirthing is a term coined by Marie Mongan to describe the use of hypnotherapy techniques to relax the mother-to-be during labour and birth.

In line with the birthing process, there are two phases to the hypnobirthing process, preparation and delivery.

The preparation phase entails approximately 4 hypnotherapy sessions after the free initial consultation to reassure Mum, and Dad too, if he wishes, about the coming birth. During these sessions, Mum will start to experience the relaxation techniques that will help her to birth her baby naturally. Two free CD’s are given to support the practice sessions that will take place in the weeks before birth, so that Mum is experienced in bringing about a ‘trance-state’ at will.

These can be used at home to help both parents to practice the required techniques.
By the time baby is ready to put in an appearance, Mum will be able to bring about a trancelike state on demand. However, she will still hear everything going on around her and will be able to respond to medical personnel whenever necessary. Many hospitals are now more accepting of hypnobirthing as evidence shows that Mums using hypnotherapy techniques are more relaxed, need less medical intervention and are less likely to suffer from postnatal depression. Babies are usually more alert and less fractious after the birth.

So if you would like to experience the birth of your baby with minimum fuss and maximum pleasure, then give me a call and we can start the process any time you like.

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