How many fad diets have you tried?

Why cant I say no to chocolate?

Why do I comfort/ binge eat?

Do any of the above sound familiar?

Weight gain is due to complex and individually factors.

The more satisfactory with our lives, the less likely we are to over eat.

Hypnotherapy very simply helps you take control of what you eat, changes the way you think about food.

Starting with a free initial consultation, we find out why you eat what you do. and most importantly what you want to achieve.

Sessions then continue on a weekly basis and a complementary CD is given which must be listened to daily. This therapy does not apply the usual focus on food, instead we concentrate on achieving a result with full confidence. Weight loss will be expected between sessions, and if this fails to happen, the cost of the session will be refunded. The session may include a weigh in, exercise feedback & a diet plan.

Weight loss Hypnotherapy can be done on a ‘one to one’ basis, but also, friends, couples, or group sessions can be organised. This helps with the cost and can assist the process.

“Hypnotherapy is not a quick fix, it will have a long term effect”

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