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Initial consultation

I offer an initial consultation which may take unto an hour, It gives you the opportunity to explain why you are seeking help, and enables me to assess whether hypnotherapy can help. It allows us to build rapport and to decide whether we would like to work together.

After taking some basic details and asking about your issue, I explain the workings of the brain with regards to your particular issue. I describe how, if our subconscious mind actually works.

It can sometimes have an unhelpful effect on our thoughts and behaviours; most people find this interesting and understand how it effects their particular issue.I will then explain the process of hypnosis, which is a much more normal experience than many people think. We then will agree an approximate number of sessions and I will give you a Relaxation CD or MP3 to listen to between the sessions, which will assist in the hypnotherapy treatment.

Subsequent sessions

The subsequent personalised sessions last for an hour. We begin by reviewing how things have been since our last session, with particular emphasis on things that have gone well. We review how the mind works as a prelude to Solution Focused Therapy questions designed to encourage positive responses. This is a fundamental element of the therapy and is also the part where the client has to work the hardest! This is followed by hypnosis, which most people find very relaxing, and is designed to consolidate the therapeutic work.


This takes 3 sessions following the initial consultation. It involves the Rewind Technique, and concludes in a Reframe or Visualisation session.

Smoking Cessation

Smoking cessation lasts up to two hours and the initial consultation is included as part of this session. This will not work without you commitment and willpower.

I recommend weekly sessions, but i have had clients just as successful of 2 weeks between sessions. I understand everyone has different budgets.

Home visits can be arranged on request within the northwest (may incur extra charges)

*My sessions sometime run over if required, no extra cost incurred.

Fees are to be settled at the end of each session by cash, cheque or debit card.

Please note I require 48 hours notice for cancelled appointments and reserve the right to charge the full session fee outside of this notice period. Missed appointments will be charged at the full rate.

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My prices

Price Plans

Initial Consultation

  • Lets meet and see if we want to work together
  • Free relaxation CD


  • Getting you to where you want to be
  • New and existing clients

Stop Smoking

  • If needed a follow up session
  • is free of charge, within 30 days

Private Hypnobirthing

sessions to suit you 10 hrs total

Group Hypnobirthing

4 x 2.5 hr session
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