What my clients have to say...

“At a time when I just wanted to take stock of my life Gemma gave me the tools to take control. Hypnotherapy is not something I have ever considered before but would highly recommend Gemma‘s sessions. She is professional, welcoming and the sessions are so relaxing and refreshing. I have learnt so much which I now use in both my professional and personal life. Thanks Gemma X”

“I went to visit Gemma about my fear of flying, As I had to travel abroad for my best friends wedding and had several panic attacks on my previous flight earlier this year. She explained about how we use our brain and how anxiety can take over our lives (if we let it) After 3 sessions I was cured, It was an enjoyable flight, no anxiety or panic attacks. I’m already planning my next trip abroad.”

“Gemma makes you feel welcome and at ease from the moment you meet her. She explains in great detail about how the brain works and how she is going to help you. She helped me greatly with my depression and lack of sleep, the therapy also gave me more confidence in myself. I would high recommend her.”

Hypnotherapy has really helped me get control of myself and my life. I have suffered with depression and anxiety for over 30 years! I now feel like a new woman, confident, happy, energised and successful. Thankyou very much Gemma Train your brain is brilliant!

Gemma is such a lovely and professional girl, she has really helped me, after coming to a stressful point in my life where I’m making some big changes my anxiety was at a high, Gemma took the time to explain, why this happened and how I can help control it, she offered me a lot of support and am feeling so much better already with only a few sessions. I would recommend her sessions to anyone who wants to feel better and feel more positive.

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